FAR Project - Administrative Hierarchy in the RDC

Province :
  • City (Urban)
    • Common or Embedded Grouping
      • District
  • Territory (rural)
    • town
      • District
    • Sector or Headquarters
      • Group
        • Town
  • The province is governed by a Governor.
  • The commune is led by a Mayor.
  • The territory is managed by a Territorial Administrator.
  • The city is headed by a mayor.
  • The District is headed by a District Commissioner.
Specials :
  • The city of Kinshasa has the status of a province, is not divided into districts, and has no territory. The rural part of Kinshasa corresponds to the municipality of Maluku and partially Nsele.
  • Some provinces, such as Maniema, North Kivu and South Kivu, do not have a district.
  • Some territories do not depend on a district, but on a city. Moanda, for example, depends on Boma.
  • Kolwezi would also be subject to the urban-rural district of Kolwezi.
Decentralized administrative entities

The decentralized administrative entities are the following:

  • Provinces
  • towns
  • Territories
  • The town for the city of Kinshasa

To see a good summary of the history of decentralization as well as the possible opportunities for a decentralized land management in the RDC, click here.