Welcome to the FAR project in RDC !

Welcome to the website of the project Central File of Reference Addresses in the RDC, in acronym 'FAR': a sub-project of the project 'Certified Congolese Cadastre'!

This site has for objective the composition of an authentic file of all the addresses (official as well as ineffective) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are several parts, including:
  • first page that explains the importance of a central file of reference addresses.
  • a part explaining the administrative hierarchy in the RDC, on which the structure of addresses in the country is based.
  • a bill that can serve as a legal foundation for the Central Register of Referral Places.
  • The essential part: a software allowing to record the different elements that together constitute an individual address (province, territory / city, commune, district, street, police number, floor, apartment number, etc.).
  • A proposal for planning a central repository of reference addresses on the extent of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • a part that makes it possible to compose reports on the evolution of the FAR project.
  • a page representing the summary of progress on the FAR project.
  • a part with the instructions and the manual for the correct use of the FAR site.
  • A page with contact information to contact the technical team.

From now on, public services (national ministries, provinces, municipalities, police, cadastre, medical services, NGOs, etc.) will have access to a digitized national file to base their own administration.

We wish to offer our best wishes to the public servants hoping that this site can contribute to the modernization of the public service, centralized administrative management as well as decentralized and national prosperity in general.